Principal Investigator:

Dr. Michael Hunt PT, PhD

Dr. Michael Hunt, PhD, PT is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at UBC and is the Director of the Motion Analysis and Biofeedback Laboratory. Dr. Hunt was trained in biomechanics at UBC and later received his PhD and physical therapy degree (MPT) from the University of Western Ontario. During his postdoctoral training at the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Health, Exercise and Sports Medicine, he was the Sir Randal Heymanson endowed Research Fellow in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences (2007-2009).

Dr. Hunt’s research is based in clinical biomechanics which involves understanding biomechanical mechanisms of injury and disease and using this information to develop targeted treatment approaches to improve symptoms and physical functioning. His research combines assessment of muscle and joint characteristics during movement with self-reported measures of physical and psychological functioning. He is interested in examining the effects of conservative, non-pharmacological interventions on disease-specific outcomes and has conducted a number of randomized clinical trials to obtain the best evidence of effectiveness.

When not in the lab, Dr. Hunt enjoys the abundant outdoor activities BC provides year-round such as golfing, hiking, or cycling. He also enjoys travelling, and has visited 5 of the 7 continents thus far.

Graduate Students:

Michaela Khan MSc

Michaela graduated with a BA and MSc in Kinesiology from Western University, where she captained the varsity squash team. Her master’s research investigated long-term outcomes of Achilles tendon rupture. Now, as a PhD student in Rehabilitation Sciences at UBC, Michaela’s focus is on running biomechanics and knee osteoarthritis. Her interests lie in gait retraining, footwear, and medical imaging. Outside the lab, Michaela can be found hiking and biking up mountains, riding waves at the beach, eating weird and wonderful foods, or at classic rock concerts.

Elyott Chang BKin

Elyott completed an undergraduate degree in kinesiology at Acadia University where he swam varsity for four years and found a passion for biomechanics. He is interested in the field of knee osteoarthritis, looking at clinical outcomes and finding better, innovative treatment methods. While Elyott is doing his masters, his goal is to eventually go to medical school. In his free time, Elyott is training for a half-iron man, biking around Vancouver, playing basketball, socializing with friends, eating ethnic food and overall having a good time!


Research Staff:

Natasha Krowchuk BSc

As the Research Coordinator for the Motion Analysis and Biofeedback Laboratory, Natasha works with study participants throughout their study involvement, from screening and enrollment through data collection to study closure correspondence. Natasha earned a BSc in Cell Biology and Genetics from UBC. Her professional background includes research in a variety of disciplines. In her spare time, Natasha enjoys paddle sports, outdoor adventure, and the performing arts in Vancouver. She is also an avid traveller, but trails behind Dr. Hunt, having only visited 4 continents so far.


Patient Partner:

Sheila Kerr

Sheila is a Patient Partner at the Motion Analysis and Biofeedback Laboratory. At 13 years old, an anterior cruciate ligament tear began her journey with early onset knee osteoarthritis. As a retired physiotherapist, Sheila has continued to nurture her passion for engaging in research. For her work with Arthritis Research Canada’s Patient Advisory Board, she was awarded the “Patient for active engagement in arthritis research award” by the Arthritis Alliance of Canada in 2017. Her interest in non-pharmacological and non-surgical ways to manage knee osteoarthritis connects her with the MABLab where she offers valuable insight from a patient’s perspective. Sheila now rides an E-bike and enjoys walking the sea wall.




Jesse Charlton, PhD
Calvin Tse, PhD


Julia De Pieri, Research Assistant


Jean-François Esculier, Post-Doctoral Fellow
Dylan Kobsar, Post-Doctoral Fellow


Angelo Graffos, MSc
Chris Napier, PhD


Chris Cochrane, MSc
Connor Hammond, MSc
Gillian Hatfield, Post-Doctoral Fellow
Judit Takacs, PhD


Jerrad Guenther, MSc
Courtney Pollock, PhD


Moreza Bahar, MSc