Shoe worn orthotic insoles and knee osteoarthritis


One form of conservative treatment for managing knee osteoarthritis is to modify knee joint loading with lateral wedge insoles. However, the change in knee joint loads while wearing lateral wedge insoles can vary between people due to individual differences in foot and lower limb alignment. Quantifying these differences in individual characteristics may help with predicting which people with knee osteoarthritis may be best suited for this type of treatment. Moreover, little is known about how the knee joint interface changes with lateral wedge insole use.


To identify predictors of change in knee joint loads while walking and to assess how the knee joint interface changes with lateral wedge insole wear in individuals with knee osteoarthritis.

Who can participate?

We are currently recruiting men and women aged 50 and above with knee osteoarthritis (OA). You may be eligible to participate in this study if you have evidence of OA via x-ray and a history of knee pain over the last 6 months. If you do not have recent x-ray images of your knees, you will be referred to a local imaging clinic to obtain these images to determine your study eligibility.

What is required?

Once your study eligibility is confirmed, your participation will consist of three separate visits. The first is a foot posture assessment and 3D scan of your feet to be used to manufacture your custom orthotic insoles at Kintec at Footbridge Centre for Integrated Orthopaedic Care. This visit will last approximately 30 minutes. Visit 2 will take place in the Motion Analysis and Biofeedback laboratory at UBC Hospital. This visit will last approximately 3 hours and will consist of some questionnaires, a 3D walking assessment, and several clinical measurements of your feet and lower leg. The final visit will be an open MRI scan of your knee while standing with varying insoles. This visit will take place at Vancouver General Hospital and last approximately 3 hours in total. At study completion, your custom orthotic insoles are yours to keep!

To register your interest in our study, please complete the eligibility form by clicking here.